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Localized Dry Spots
Wet Spring = Shallow Roots = Sudden Drought Stress

We've had so much rain...why do I suddenly see signs of drought stress??

When turfgrass has a lot of water near the surface it will tend to develop a shallow root system. All is ok with this until the weather takes a turn. If the transition is gentle, problems will generally not develop. However, if we go from a very wet and cloudy period into a dry and hot pattern the grass can be shocked by the change. The turf was comfortable with plenty of water and reasonable temperatures. Once the heat hits, water is evaporating at a rapid rate and the root zone can become dry very quickly. The warm weather causes the soil to heat up as well, adding to the shock. Often, the turf will turn brown in the most stressed areas - generally full sun, slopes, along warm pavement, etc. The turf has gone into dormancy once you see the brown color but will quickly green up again with the application of water or rain.

Recovery can be sped by fertilizer and proper watering practices - 1" - 1.5" per week, the the early morning, deeply and infrequently.