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Be sure you know who's treating your lawn!

​Dry, Dry Weather!
The pictures above are of a developing localized dry spot and turf that has entered dormancy due to lack of water, as well as a map from  NOAA  showing the areas of New York - as of 7/26/18 - that are showing signs of drought. Remember that your lawn needs 1 - 1.5 inches of water per week to avoid going into dormancy. Measure your irrigation water with a rain gauge to know for sure that you're watering enough! If your lawn has areas that start to take on a tan color, don't panic, it's just your lawn's first defense against the very dry conditions. Once an adequate amount of water is applied, the turf will green up again. 
Localized dry spot developing in a lawn.
Yellow = Abnormally Dry
Tan = Moderate Drought

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Dormant turf after extended dry conditions...note the lack of soil moisture in the probe!