Services We Provide

The focus of Apex Turf is quality and responsible care of both residential and commercial lawns.  We are NYS certified applicators with extensive training, product knowledge, and industry experience. 

Our professional service begins with a visit to your property for a complete lawn analysis, area measurement, and a free, no obligation estimate.  We will always present ourselves in a professional manner and be happy to answer any questions or address specific concerns.

We are confident our core program can produce the results you are looking for.  It consists of six visits that will not only provide your turf with the nutrients it needs to thrive, but will also control unsightly weeds, crabgrass, and damaging turf insects.

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  • fertilization of the turf
  • crabgrass prevention
  • weed control
  • grub and chinch bug control
Special Services...

In addition to our core program, we offer a variety of additional services to address any problems or concerns that may be unique to your lawn including...
  • flea & tick control
  • mole control
  • disease control
  • soil amendments
  • pesticide-free program options
  • core aeration & over-seeding
  • soil testing

The service doesn't stop there.  

Bringing lawn care to new heights means we do those extra things that some other companies tend to neglect...

* we will clear toys or furniture from areas to be treated
* we will post sign markers listing date and time of each visit
* we will clean off driveways, sidewalks, and patios after treatment
* we will present ourselves professionally, wearing proper attire
* we will provide a courtesy notification 24hrs in advance if desired
* we will provide specific details of what was applied and what we found
* we will provide instructions & tips on proper mowing & watering

Call us for more details or to schedule any of these services...

 (518) 288-3687

(518) 288-3687  or